About E+H Metrology...

A success story of more than 45 years

E+H was founded in 1968 and offers since 1978, for more than 35 years now, a wide variety of measurement tools for the Semiconductor and PV in process control and laboratory characterization.
Contactless metrology tools for 1" up to 450mm Wafers consisting out of Silicon, Quartz, Sapphire etc, but also solutions for other materials such as plastic displays are available.
Most metrology tools can be integrated into our own full automated wafer handling solutions (belt driven, robot).

This long term support for our customers combined with robust, reliable, mature and low maintenance products makes E+H a strong partner on which you can rely on.

Key strengths

  • Long term customer's care and product support for more than 30 years now
  • Local distributors support your international branch offices with product advises and experienced local engineers
  • Mature, robust & reliable high precision products
  • Products require only low maintenance
  • High throughput for production monitoring and controlling
  • Tracability of results to international calibration standards
  • Flexible product customization near market needs and your requirements
  • Best achievable cost benefit ratio through low product costs and extreme long lifetime
  • Installed base of more than 2000 Semiconductor tools worldwide with references at nearly all major companies around the world

History of E+H

  • Eichhorn+Hausmann OHG was founded in 1968 by Mr. Wilfried Eichhorn and Mr. Thaddaeus Hausmann.
    The main business idea was a linear capacitive distance sensor with elimination of the cable capacity.
    Business fields at that time were sensor system applications for machine building
  • 10 years later, in 1978, Eichhorn+Hausmann invented its first Semiconductor applications
  • In 1988 E+H Eichhorn + Hausmann GmbH was founded
  • In 2008 E+H Eichhorn+Hausmann got E+H Metrology

Today E+H achieves still round about 15-20% of its turnover by sensor systems. The rest of about 80% is mostly generated from Semiconductor applications and tools.