Robot Sorters

Total Modular Concept

  • Maximum flexibility on integration of required components
  • Short production time
  • High lifespan
  • Low Maintenance
  • Robust design due to reusability of proved and tested components
  • More than 15 years experience with robot sorters

Choose from a large variety of existing tool designs or simply specify your requirements (e.g. metrology, stations count etc). We customize a tool perfectly fitting to your demands.

Robot Handling Systems

  • Single arm robots with one endeffector
  • Dual arm robots with two endeffectors
  • Track to enlarge the robot access area

All endeffectors are customized to your Wafers to ensure an optimal and safe transport.

Metrology Modules

Many of the E+H standard MX metrology tool series can be used on robot sorters, such as:

Software & Automation

All our MX tool series use one and the same Windows operating software MX-NT V2. It combines more than 20 years expericence in Semiconductor requirements.
Sorting by any gained characteristic, such as grouping by thickness or OCR code can be done by highly flexible and reusable recipes.

All data can be stored in a MS SQL Server data base or alternatively also into MS Access data bases.

Powerful software options such as a SECS/GEM automation interface or our similar proprietary Simple Soap Server One (S³O) interface allow seamless integration of E+H tools into your production plant.