MX 10x series

High Resolution Wafer Thickness and Thickness Variation Gauge

The MX10x series measure thickness and thickness variation on silicon wafers. It has a resolution of 10 nanometers and can be adapted to different thickness ranges within a few seconds. Before starting to scan the wafer, the gauge recalibrates itself automatically by means of a standard thickness gauge block. A pair of capacitive sensors samples four radial profiles (45 degrees) on every wafer.



  • R&D
  • Qualification of processes
  • In process control of
    • Thickness
    • TTV

MX 10x Types

MX Type Name Wafer diameter [mm]
MX 102-6 100, 125, 150
MX 102-8 150, 200
MX 1012 200, 300
MX 1018 300, 450



Measurement Principle

MX 10x, Thickness (black lines = measurement points)
MX 10x, Thickness (black lines = measurement points)