MX 152 Inline OEM Module for PV/Solar Sorters

Thickness (3 lines)
Optional: Resistivity (center line) and P/N (1 point)

High Resolution Thickness and Resistivity Module

Solar Wafer, as-cut, side view (black lines = measurement points)
Solar Wafer, as-cut, top view

The system consists of the measuring head, an electronic rack linked by one standard cable with 25-pin D-connector and a PC.

To allow three thickness scans during belt transport at different wafer sizes, two measuring bars, one from top and one from bottom, hold 3 sensors each. The outer sensors pairs left and right are mounted on a linear sledge and can be moved simultaneously equidistant to the center by means of a manually turned knob.

Before and behind of each capacitive sensor are light barriers to validate the measurements of a sensor only if both are covered. This assures safe measurements even with different wafer forms or misalignments.

The electronic rack is connected to a PC which itself is connected with the host PC by an Ethernet connection.

A simple TCP/IP based protocol is used to communicate measurement values and to arm/disarm measurements.

The measurement frequency is 1000 Hz. With the measurement frequency and the transport belt speed one can easily calculate the amount of measurement points on the wafer.

To ensure safe start and finish of measurement the light barriers have to be uncovered between two incoming wafers. Therefore the wafers must be at least 30mm apart.



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