MX 3014




  • Framed and unframed wafers
  • Default thickness range 0 -  1100µm
  • Wafer diameter 8" and 12"
  • Accuracy ±0.5µm
  • Resolution 0.1µm
  • Software EHMaster

Measurement Principe

The MX 3014 is a modified MX 301 system especially for measuring thin wafers on dicing tape with frame. It is neither necessary to know the tape thickness nor the tape's dielectric constant!

We measure the dicing tape thickness between frame and wafer and substract this measured value then automatically while measuring the wafer (+tape). To be sure to measure and store the tape only we have added light barriers which see the silicon wafer but not the transparent tape. If one of the light barriers is covered by nontransparent material the "measured thickness" is stored and after all light barriers are covered by the wafer it's thickness can be measured on different points.

 A very convenient new feature of this version is not to need a gaugeblock or reference wafer: it is completely self-calibrating! That means also temperature offsets are compensated. Therefore this gauge will also be excellent suited for measuring very thin wafers without tape, even below 50  microns.