E+H Capacitive Sensor Sytems

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Advantages of capacitive sensors

  • Non contact
  • Extreme resolution
    No resolution restriction in theory since electromagnetic fields aren't restricted, e.g. by wave lengths of the used light.
  • Absolute accuracy
    Extremly stable measurement signals. No interruption of signal, e.g. due to missing reflections.
  • No aging of the sensor
    Optical system do age, since their light emitting sources age.
  • Can be used even in extreme environments,
    e.g. nuclear radiation, near the absolute zero point (0 °F) or even within magnetic fields
  • Can also be used to measure thickness of non conductive materials such as plastic, foils, quartz, glass, ceramic etc
  • The sensors active area measures the average distance to the object. The roughness of an objects surface is automatically averaged by this. This is an unbeatable advantage compared to sensors with a very small spatial resolution when smaller irregularites should not be observed.

E+H Leading Technology

The quality of a capacitive sensor system can be rated by the sensors range, accuracy and precision in relation to the required size of the active sensor surface.

The E+H capative technology is now developed for more than 40 years.
E+Hs seamless construction of the entire sensor system, starting at the sensor, own special cables (constructed by E+H) and the sophisticated electronic lead to a unique world class sensor system.
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  • Dynamic measurement on turbines and motors
  • Displacement measuring on slide bearings
  • Concentricity measuring on axles
  • Measuring of modulus of elasticity and thermal expansion
  • Distance measurements in lowest temperature technique
  • Check-up of gauges
  • Tolerance verification of mass-produced parts, e.g. for matching mechanical components
  • Thickness control of thin metallic sheets
  • Control of plastic foil thickness on production machines
  • Measuring of thickness, taper and bow of silicon wafers for the semicondutor production
  • and many more...