• 1 or 2 channel
  • integrated pre amplifier up to 3m cable lenght
  • external pre amplifier up to 20m cable length (Option MZ1-M)
  • 5 KHz (option 20KHz)
  • Rear or Front connecting
  • Trim- or spiral potentiometer
  • variable, additional output possible
  • different filter possible


The MW-V-2K is designed for non - contact measurement of the distance between the end face of a pickup and the conductive surface of a target. Pickup and target form a capacitor. The dielectric must be defined, its loss must be negligible. The distance - meter is calibrated in units of length for materials with a relative dielectric constant of er = 1 and it is equipped with an indicating instrument and a trim potentiometer (option: spiral potentiometer) switchable to each of its two channels. The indicating instrument makes possible the use of the deflection method for static measurements. For static and dynamic measurements an output terminal for indicating and recording instruments provides a voltage which is proportional to the distance measured. The potentiomter allows a defined zero - suppression of the output voltage.