Waferstudio is a visualization and data analysis software package that easily generates 3D views of wafers (wafer maps) and their related data and provides powerful tools to work with this data.

It is manufacturer independent and can easily import data from many different metrology tools.

Waferstudio can work with both round (including flatted and notched) and rectangular substrate shapes and is therefore useful across all of the major semiconductor branches (Wafers, Chips, Reclaim and Solar).


  • R&D and Engineering
  • Transformation and Interpolation of Metrology Data
  • Statistical Evaluation
  • Tool Qualification and Tool Matching
  • Process Change and Results Visualization
  • Presentations

Example Wafer Maps

450mm, Wafer Thickness
300mm Wafer, Ion Implantation
300mm Wafer Warp
300mm Wafer cut into pieces for Site evaluation
STIR, Leveled Site Thickness Pieces
STIR, Range Distribution
156x156mm² Solar Wafer as-cut, Thickness
As-cut Solar Wafer, Contour Lines
Solar Wafer Warp

Easily Import Data

Simply drag and drop data files from the Windows Explorer onto the Waferstudio window. Waferstudio evaluates the files and automatically chooses an appropriate import filter to load the data.
The intelligent CSV import filter is also able to import unknown ASCII data as long as the file contains at least 3 rows of data (X,Y, Z or value format).

Waferstudio analyzes imported 3D data and tries to match the X/Y coordinates with the most common round and square substrate types. This is very useful for interpolating data to the edge of the FQA of the Wafer.

Details on the center of a Wafer
A clear abnormality on the Wafer's surface can be seen (black dots = measurement points)

Sophisticated Analysis Capabilities Included

Waferstudio has many advanced functions including:

  • Transformation of Data
    Rotation, Movement, Scaling
  • Interpolation
    IDW, Linear, Nearest Neighbour, Pyknophylatic, Bezier Patches, Rotary Symmetric, Liner Axis-Symmetric
  • Contour Lines
    Along X, Y and Z axe
  • Cutting the Meshs into Pieces
    e.g. to calculate Site properties
  • Leveling
    e.g. to calculate TIR
  • Statistics
    Local and overall statistics, e.g. calculation of local repeatability
Silhouette effect on a waved surface

Powerful 3D engine

Waferstudio uses the OpenGL standard and enhances 3D graphics with silhouettes and other effects to show all details of the surface.


  • The original measurement data can be blended over the graphic as black orientation marks.
  • Skirts can be inserted into the graphics to show the wafers dimension.
  • A normalized full rainbow color scale allows for easy estimation of the height.
  • Moving a mouse over the current view shows the exact X/Y/Z coordinates in the coordinate tool window.