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Customized is our standard

Your process, your requirements, your budget: tailor-made in one system. Our modular systems have been developed specifically for lean customizing. In the area of hardware automation, we design your individual bandsorter or robot sorter system, matching your measurement needs, individually configured with aligner, carrier, RF carrier ID reader, PC and TFT, ionizer, load ports, etc.  We also engineer our band sorter systems according to your process needs. In software automation we follow international standards with Secs/Gem interfaces. We are not engineering our system - we are engineering yours!

  • Lean customizing: Exactly what you need
  • High throughput, long life & low maintenance
  • Flexible integration of required components
  • For wafer production, chip manufacturing, reclaim etc.
  • Individual solutions for all wafer types & materials
  • Exceptional service & development expertise
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Hardware Automation

We take customizing literally: none of our robot sorters or band sorter systems is like the other. This is because they all meet the exact requirements of modern wafer fabs, reclaimers or chip production. Whatever the AHMS (AGV, OHT, etc.), whatever the clean room, whatever the object-specific requirements.

  • What sorting system offers the best performance? Band Sorters impress with unbeaten speed and a particularly good cost-performance ratio for all measuring tasks. In some cases we even develop individual belt sorter systems for wafer sizes above 300 mm! Our Robot Sorters cover the entire spectrum of automation - convince yourself and check a few examples on our Automated Tools pages!
  • Do E+H systems do what we need them to perform? In fact, they do exactly that! The advantage for you: you don’t have to bear the cost of unnecessary functions for your needs with our customized automation. You get exactly what you need.
  • How is a customized measuring system made? Our team of experienced engineers, planners, electronics and mechanical specialists develop your specific system using technical expertise built up over decades. Using modular components and highly individual specifications. Talk to us!
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Automation made to measure

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Software Automation

We also follow the same principle in the area of software automation: As powerful as possible, as complex as necessary. All automation processes can be easily mapped here. Best of all, our operating software follows your requirements exactly and is intuitively usable.

  • What interface does the MX-NT V2 operating software offer? Our software offers a easy connection forSECS/GEM 200 or 300, S³O (Simple Soap Server One). Read more in our Software section! 
  • The logic behind MX-NT V2, how does it work? Very straightforward! Even the basic structure of our operating software is based on the application needs, e.g. in wafer fabs: Lot (e.g. a set of wafers), Process (your desired inspection and sorting process) and Change (measurement changes within the process) organize the database of your operating software.  
  • Is MX-NT V2 very complicated to use? Especially for operators, we have designed MX-NT V2 to be as simple and clear as possible. Your engineering team, on the other hand, can adapt our modular system as desired: With the E+H recipies, any number of processes can be easily set up, combined and applied. 

You have special requirements for your hardware or software automation? No problem. 
We are experts in customizing!
Talk to our experienced team! 


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