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Stand-alone 1-channel distance meter for isolating materials like plastic foil or glass.

The MW-V-F is an 1-channel device for cable lengths up to 3 meters. Measures the thickness of isolating materials such as plastic foil,
quartz, glass etc. The possible measuring range depends on the connected sensor, e.g. 100µm with Sensor AW 210-22-1 and 500µm with AW 210-13-3
Additionally to the built-in display the measured values are fed to an output BNC socket for evaluation via oscilloscope or PC. For longer distances (up to 50m to the measuring site) the MZ1-M Pre-amplifier can be connected upstream.

Technical specification

Distance Meter MW-V-F (Technical specification (AW 210-22-1))
Channels 1 channel
Measuring range, thickness 100 µm
Overall accuracy +/- 0,2 µm
Measurement gap 0,2 mm
Nominal value setting THICKNESS 0 to 99,9µm
Dielectric constant DIELECTRIC 2 to 9,99
Digital display (µm) +/- 100 µm
Voltage output (OUT) 100 mV/µm, max. +/- 10V
Power supply 115 V +/- 10% /60Hz
Power consumption 14 VA
Weight 4,0 kg
Dimensions H 150, W 250, D 265 mm

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