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AW 210-14-1


Capacitive sensor with 10,000µm measuring range. Suitable for vacuum and high temperature.

AW 210-14-1 is a contactless distance sensor to measure thickness, deformation and tolerances in a wide range of applications. It operates with extreme accuracy, reliability and resolution, even under adverse influences. Very long lasting.
Can be combined with our cables and distance meters to form an unique world class sensor system.

Technical specification

Sensor AW 210-14-1
Measure range (µm) 0–10000
Tolerance of sensitivity (%) ±0.5
Active diameter (mm) 17.7
Max. temperature (°C) 200
Change of sensitivity -3 x10-5/K
Elongation (µm/K) 0.17
Isolation Epoxy
Housing (DIN EN 10 027-2) 1.4305
Weight (g) 230
Measuring cable L13-11, L13-13, L33-11, L33-13
Vacuum closeness Yes
High temperature Yes
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