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for renewable energies

The roots of some of the PV industry’s pioneering achievements lie in Germany. After Asian markets have been leading the field here for a long time, however, a new spirit of optimism is now spreading: rising transport costs are almost eliminating global market advantages, constantly rising demand and largely automated production could drive a new boom. The decisive factor for any production is now measurable efficiency:

  • Automated & manual measurement tools for all PV/solar process steps
  • Incoming inspection and process control during production
  • Mono- and multicrystalline silicon materials, Al-BSF, PERC, heterojunction modules, etc. 
  • Customizable OEM inline measurement modules for any production line
  • Over 54 years of know-how in the field of photovoltaics & solar
  • Process qualification and qualification of production tools; research & development, reference measurements
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for the PV/Solar industry

The worldwide demand for increasingly efficient photovoltaic solutions has been rising massively for years and will continue to do so in the future. We are contributing to this with innovative and costeffective measurement systems:

Everything in view with one measuring process. Thickness, topography, waviness, edge processing or roughness: Within a few seconds, our measuring devices provide information about surface quality and brittleness and thus enable decisive efficiency advantages in processing time and material.

Inline process control: Whether for wafer exit inspection, continuous operation or incoming inspection, our wide range of automation solutions and sorters enables integration into any manufacturing and inspection process. Damaged wafers can be removed at an early stage and those with high thickness variations (TTV, saw marks) can be eliminated.

Manual process control: Fast, non-contact and non-destructive measurements via manual tools enable exceptionally cost-effective quality assurance: sample control and inline reference measurements allow continuous product and process optimization. Our geometry inspection tools are user-friendly designed, require little maintenance and are all equipped with convenient interfaces to your systems. 

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towards the future of solar energy

Research and development is becoming a growing priority, especially in the modern solar/photovoltaic industry. Especially when it comes to the development of highly efficient solar cells, proven and lean measurement technology can make a valuable contribution.

At E+H Metrology, we have our roots directly in university research. Since that time, we have been working continuously with renowned institutes. To develop new technologies, to investigate special materials and to provide measurable results in the photovoltaic industry!

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Waviness & Roughness
Saw marks
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TTV (Total thickness variation)
Warp and Bow
Film Stress
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Sheet Resistance
P/N Dotation
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