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Your requirements - your tool. Our Robot Sorters are designed as a completely modular principle: individual inline measurements with our field-proven MX systems, fully automatic robotic sorting, aligner and carrier stations, tracks, cassette stations and many more. ore than 250 of these individual robot sorters have been developed for our customers and integrated into the process chain. Safety, repeatability and extremely low maintenance times are always our top priorities. And all this with an extraordinary throughput.

  • All measurements and requirements in one system for up to 200 WPH
  • Flexible integration of the required components
  • Long lifetime & low maintenance
  • Extremely short production time, individual support
  • Almost all types of wafers: 150-200 mm, 300 mm, Taiko etc.
  • International calibration standards, SEMI standards
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Advantages and features

Our robot sorters offer exactly the features your process requires. However, they all have some advantages in common:

  • Robust and safe: more than 20 years of experience with our modular systems has shown us: safety cannot be retrofitted. That is why all our robot sorters are extremely robust and safe.
  • Highly efficient: All our devices offer a high throughput. We add to this advantage high reproducibility of results and exceptionally low training and staff requirements.
  • Budget-friendly: You get the best price-performance ratio due to low product costs and extremely long service life of our systems and all components.
  • Integratable: All our robot sorters can be quickly and easily integrated into your production line.
  • Consulting and support: For many suppliers, the relationship ends after the system has been purchased. Not so at E+H: Our experienced local distributors provide you with fast and uncomplicated support; our experienced team of engineers in Germany also helps with planning and advice at eye level, training courses and product information.
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Components & Modules

Which modules are there? Quite simple: we realize what you need. Aligned to the very highest standards: Your requirements! And of course international calibration standards. Here are a few examples of currently installed modules and applications:

  • Measuring modules: Many of E+H’s standard MX gauges can be used on robot sorters, such as: MX 10x series (thickness measurement), MX 20x series (geometry/area: thickness, deformation, stress), MX 60x series (thickness, resistance), MX 70x series (thickness, warpage, waviness, roughness).
  • Robotic Handling Systems: Fully automated wafer transfer, usable for sample measurement or sorting, radial range up to 14.4“ plus end effector, high reproducibility +/-25μm, low contamination, compatible with clean room class 1, single and double arm, end effector built to customer specifications; MTBF >75,000 hours
  • Aligner: high reproducibilityX/Y +/-50μm, theta +/- 0.04° (3 sigma), MTBF >65,000 hours, cleanroom class 1 compatible, available for 3-8“ or 8“-12“, optionally equipped with OCR reader for wafer IDs
  • Stations: Safe placement of 2“-12“ carriers, carrier presence sensors according to your requirements, control panels with individual operating and display elements
  • Other components: PC and TFT, RF carrier ID reader, ionizer, clean room class 1 filter systems, loading ports SMIF, FOUP, light tower, etc.
  • Software: All our MX tool series use the same Windows operating software MX-NT V2. Sorting by any obtained characteristics, such as grouping by thickness or OCR code, can be done by highly flexible and reusable recipes.
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