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What is still a future dream for some industries is already setting the pace in mechanical engineering: Digital processes of Industry 4.0 meet the diversified requirements of a competitive global market with unimagined competitive and innovation pressure. Miniaturization with simultaneous efficiency increases has become the measure of the machine builder. All the more, measurable success and reproducibly reliable production processes are needed.

  • High-resolution, stable geometry and surface measurement technology
  • Non-contact, fast and reproducible measurement of displacement, distance and thickness
  • Automated measuring solutions - integrable into your production line
  • With high precision at extreme temperatures or temperature fluctuations
  • Wide range of materials: materials in the micro-ohm to kilo-ohm range as well as non-conductive materials from foil to quartz, glass or ceramic wafers.
  • Systems for failure-free long-term measurement
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Our solutions today

The variety of requirements in modern mechanical engineering is constantly growing. We already reflect this diversity with our solutions for efficient measurement technology and sensor systems:

Displacement measurement on plain bearings: Plain bearings can be found wherever there is relative motion between two surfaces - this includes pretty much everything from household appliances to industrial plants. Shaft displacement measurements in the oil of a plain bearing are hardly possible with any other measuring method than with the sensor systems from E+H.

Dynamic measurements on turbines & engines: For engine and turbine design, it is critical to eliminate imbalance, despite the centrifugal forces acting on the parts. Our capacitive sensors allow precise detection of the change in the nanometer range.

Tolerance inspection of serial parts: A smooth manufacturing process requires fast, continuous inspection, even of series parts. Our measuring systems support you in these tasks with the best conceivable cost-benefit efficiency on the market..

Further applications of our systems for mechanical engineering are for example: concentricity measurement on axes, measurement of the modulus of elasticity and thermal expansion, verification of gauges, thickness control of thin metal sheets, control of the geometry of plastic films on production machines, surface and geometry measurement of silicon wafers for semiconductor production and many more.

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The future scope measured by today

For decades, we have been privileged to make technological development measurable directly in the field of mechanical engineering. We look forward to shaping the future together with you today!

Distance measurements in cryogenic technology: In cryogenic technology or also cryotechnology, temperature influences are tested on materials that have to withstand the ambient temperatures in space, for example. In other words, near absolute zero. Our sensor technology always offers reproducible results even under these conditions.

You don’t find your application or material here? No matter.
Virtually all of our products and solutions in the broad field of measurement technology for mechanical engineering are custom-developed.
Talk to our experienced team of engineers, physicists, mechanics and developers!

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Turbines and Motors
Shaft Displacement on Slide Bearings
Axle Concentricity
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Modulus of Elasticity
Thermal Expansion
Distance at Lowest Temperature
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