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E-mobility, microelectronics, mechanical engineering: All innovation technologies rely on high-performance ceramics. We are at your side for economic and measurable success:

  • Development of efficient measurement systems for innovative products
  • Production reliability through fast, non-contact materials testing
  • Material-specific measurement in the micrometer range

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in competitive success

The engine of the ceramics industry is located in Germany. And the triumph of technical ceramics is unbroken. But what can you do to be prepared for the future? New perspectives are needed. How can you open up new market shares where traditional materials have been used up to now?

  • Benefit from our expertise based on 54 years of competence. We support you in the development of customized materials with sound know-how from technical ceramics.
  • Utilize the cost effects of lean production by impelementing efficient, durable measuring systems. Create new perspectives for you business.
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One of our customized metrology solution for technical ceramics.

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as a driver of success

The industrial range of applications for high-performance ceramics, thin-film ceramics and ceramic foils is far from limited. Countless areas of application from the automotive industry to healthcare technology benefit from this unique material. As the range of applications grows, so do the demands on the material and your processes.

Challenges & Advantages

  • Streamlined production: Our systems for technical ceramics provide you with uniquely short measurement times.
  • Reliable measurement results: layer thickness and thickness variation are crucial for functionality. Measuring systems from E+H Metrology such as the MX152 guarantee reproducible, precise measurement results.
  • Ever-shorter product cycles: Our team of engineers and developers is at your side when it comes to bringing innovative products to market.
  • Downsizing workforces: All of our measurement systems require a particularly low level of personnel.
  • Custom services: We will gladly take over services such as reference measurements, qualification of production tools or measurements in sample production for you.



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Waviness & Roughness
Saw marks
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TTV (Total thickness variation)
Warp and Bow
Film Stress
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»The measuring systems from E+H Metrology allow us to achieve much shorter production times - a significant advantage in the global market.«

 Customer · From: E+H customer & partner survey 2021

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