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for the extreme

For more than 54 years we have been developing high precision for the extreme: Whether for dynamic measurement of turbines and engines, measurement of brake discs under extreme temperature conditions or displacement measurement under radioactive radiation: The capacitive sensor systems from E+H Metrology offer the highest resolution, stability and linearity for a wide range of applications at a first-class price-performance ratio. Even more:

  • Contactless measurement at maximum resolution (no resolution limitation)
  • Stable measurement signals withou signal interruption
  • No aging of the sensor in comparison to optical systems
  • Ideal for extreme environmental conditions such as high temperatures, near-zero use, radioactivity, etc.
  • Wide range of materials: materials in the micro-ohm to kilo-ohm range as well as non-conductive
  • Systems for failure-free long-term measurement
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engineered for exceptions

The more modern engineering evolves, the more important it is to have sensor technology that can reliably keep pace even in special cases. Our sensors cover fields of application that can barely be mapped by any other system. Along with the security of lasting precision.

  • Turbines and motors: Already during the construction phase, dynamic measurements must be used to exclude imbalances. Our capacitive displacement transducers show changes in the nanometer range and are thus ideal for FEM analysis.
  • Concentricity in shafts and bores: To prevent shaft breakout, our sensor systems provide reliable concentricity measurements
  • Strain measurements: The point at which material deforms and stretches under a given load is critical, especially for modern automotive design. Capacitive sensors provide valuable measurement results even under extreme conditions.
  • Modulus of elasticity and thermal expansion: Every material load due to tension or compression, even in highly dynamic materials, is mapped via the aforementioned material parameters. Precise measurements in the nanometer range are required here.
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  • Displacement measurement in the vacuum and cryogenic range: Mobility and energy technology, but above all aerospace technology, are increasingly operating in extremely unstable temperature ranges and in ultra-high vacuum. Temperatures close to absolute zero are measured in areas away from the sun, whereas extreme high temperatures are reached near the sun. E+H’s highly sophisticated sensor systems accurately map a spectrum between -271°C and up to +300°C.

  • Calibration of measuring instruments: One of the most fundamental functions in modern mechanical engineering, precision engineering but also research and development is the calibration of measuring instruments. We support you in all questions around calibration, standardization and automation.

  • Nanopositioning: Our sensor technology can be found in industrial automation, photonics, medical technology and many more. The ongoing process of miniaturization requires in all industries the competence for efficient testable nanopositioning and automation.

  • Test systems: Automation and smart industry require the most accurate sensor technology. Our systems can be perfectly used for reliable dimensional control of mass-produced goods.

Thickness control of ultra-fine metal sheets, control of the thickness of plastic foils on production machines, measurements in semiconductor production and many more.

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Standard above the standard

Our standard sensor program already offers a wide range of applications:

  • Measurement ranges from 0.05 mm to 10mm
  • Temperatures up to 200°C
  • Vacuum tight
  • Extremely low temperature dependence
  • Passive (no electronics integrated)

When it comes to custom sensor systems, we like to raise the bar a bit. For example:

  • Customized design: with integrated cable or plug, cable length as required, external thread, rectangular housing or electrodes, etc.
  • Material customizations: Anti-magnetic materials, INVAR, etc.
  • Special sizes: From under 3 mm up to 300 mm
  • Special applications: Ultra-high vacuum, high-pressure ranges, temperatures between -271° and 300°C, radioactive radiation use.
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Your challenge – our motivation

You can order our standard program directly. Should you need something special, we are also the right partner to help you: Our experienced team of engineers, physicists, material specialists and constructors has been able to drive forward many developments together with our customers. You have a special project, a complex requirement and wish to have a professional sparring partner? We are looking forward to your inquiry!

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Turbines and Motors
Shaft Displacement on Slide Bearings
Axle Concentricity
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Modulus of Elasticity
Thermal Expansion
Distance at Lowest Temperature
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“The sensor systems are unique! Customizing with E+H is the right fit.”

Customer · From: E+H customer & partner survey 2021

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