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More measurable reliability

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Whether in the production process after grinding or for testing during wafer recovery: the specific resistance decides on every further step of processing.

E+H Metrology offers a wide range of resistivity measurement systems: Resistivity inspection in the silicon wafer manufacturing process, for solar wafers or even for the measurement of the silicon block. All measuring is done by eddy current, fast and completely contactless without prior material preparation.

With our MX 601 gauge, we also offer a versatile measuring system for semi-insulating materials such as gallium arsenide, indium phosphide or gallium nitride.

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For quality control and process monitoring in the wafer manufacturing process, testing the individual sheet resistance is just as essential as for the inspection and sorting of entire wafer batches.

Your measuring task is as individual as your material and throughput requirements. Our measuring gauges are therefore designed in such a way that thickness and resistivity or sheet resistance ranges can be adapted to your needs across a wide spectrum.

We also use eddy current technology for sheet resistance measurement. Our systems are fully self-calibrating so that temperature and humidity fluctuations are negligible.

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Especially for final inspection, testing the doping of the semiconductor material is crucial, but of course also in the production of high-quality solar cells for photovoltaic applications.

Our MX608 or MX6012 systems provide an overview of a wide range of relevant values within a few seconds. We investigate the doping by means of a surface photovoltage system.

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