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Precise measurement in engineering

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During construction, for predictive maintenance and during operation, imbalances in turbines and motors are a decisive factor.

Large engines, motors, wind power & generators: Particularly in the case of very large generators, a critical system is found inside which is exposed to extreme forces. Continuously checking the running behavior prevents relevant damage and ensures a long service life. High temperatures and electromagnetic fields additionally complicate the control of the system. E+H capacitive sensors deliver unsurpassed accuracy and are also extremely robust under high temperatures.

Wear on rollers: The wear of moving rollers is a constant challenge in mechanical engineering. With sensor systems from E+H, maintenance intervals can be planned and material used efficiently. Our capacitive sensors measure the roll wear indirectly via the change in the bearing gap of the drive shaft without contact and with high signal stability.

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Slide bearings are used successfully in almost all industrial sectors: from packaging machines to the glass processing industry and toolmaking. And of course, hundreds of slide bearings are installed in every vehicle. Precision is required here and wear must be detected at an early stage.

Efficient operation and long service life: By monitoring radial shaft displacement, machines can be operated close to the load limit. However, this requires a reliable sensor system that not only continuously delivers precise results, but can also be used in the smallest of spaces.

Case-hardened shafts in mechanical engineering: The low carrier frequency of our E+H sensor systems allows measurements on materials in the micro-ohm to kilo-ohm range (μOhm cm to > 1000 Ohm cm) without special recalibration. This means that structural fluctuations no longer play a role in the measurement of case-hardened shafts. Shaft displacement measurements in the oil of a slide bearing are hardly possible with any other measuring method.

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In virtually every industrial application, from machine and tool manufacturing to the energy and automotive industries, the concentricity of shafts and axles determines their function and service life.

Concentricity measurement: If correct concentricity is to be ensured, shafts and axes need a concentric center of gravity. This concentricity measurement is performed inexpensively and reliably by the capacitive sensor systems from E+H. In addition to concentricity, our sensors also provide information on whether a shaft deforms under load.

Rolls for various materials: If material is to be rolled industrially, the concentricity of the roll is decisive for the entire production. If, in addition, high speeds are reached, e.g. with rollers, imbalances can even have a potentially dangerous effect. Rolls and rollers must therefore be measured before and during use. By means of capacitive sensors, you always get a precise measurement result, even under high temperature or pressure.

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