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capacitive sensors

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Distance sensors can solve contactless measurement tasks for wide range of applications in very different environments.

We are able to customize the design, range, resistance and many more to your exact requirements. Which are yours?

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Custom made sensors for your application needs.

We are able to produce a high variety of requirements in shape and characteristics

  • Different sensor materials  (e.g. antimagnetic)
  • Sensors to resist radiation
  • Lowest and high temperature
  • Cryo applications
  • Suited for ultra high vacuum
  • Different tolerances
  • Custom electrode shapes and sensor design
  • Rectangular electrode or housing
  • Sensors with outer thread
  • Integrated cable or plug
  • Custom cable lengths
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Threaded sensors can be quickly and easily integrated into your machine system.

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Depending on the space available, a rectangular housing shape may be appropriate. Do you have a specific dimensional requirement? We have a solution.

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For slim measuring objects, we can also produce rectangular electrode designs for you.

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Do you need a capacitive sensor in a very close environment? We can build electrodes as small as a match head. Or else a hundred times larger, if you want. What is your requirement? Write to us here.

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Please note:
In addition to these custom-made products, we can also offer you a range of prefabricated standard sensors for common operating conditions.

All our sensors, whether standard or custom-made, together with our special cables and distance meters, form sophisticated sensor systems that sets standards.

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