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MX 301-Q


Easy one-point thickness gauge for 30–200mm non-conductive wafers.

The MX301-Q is a robust and stable instrument for quick and simple manual thickness gauge. Made for a large variety of wafers consisting of insulating materials like quartz, sapphire or glass. Fully self-calibrating without the need for gauge blocks nor reference wafers. With integrated 5-digit display. Workes as stand-alone or connected to a PC via serial interface, which allows collecting data of multiple measurements, calculating flatness (TTV), mean value or standard deviation of single wafers or of complete wafer lots.

Measurement type



Wafer Diameter up to 200mm
Thickness Accuracy ±0.5µm
Resolution 0.1µm
Thickness range default 450 - 750µm
Switchable to measure high res material yes
Software EHMaster

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