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Quite simply: the R&D sector in particular needs highly precise results, reliable tools and development partners on an equal footing. For decades, the engineering team at E+H has been a research partner of such renowned institutions as the Fraunhofer Institute and technical universities. We measure the innovation of the future with the yardstick of tomorrow.

  • Innovative measuring devices - individually customizable
  • A skilled counterpart for your development
  • A dedicated team of physicists, engineers & software specialists
  • Contract and reference measurement, material testing
  • Special materials: glass, sapphire, quartz, silicon carbide
  • Thin film research and materials science
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Getting mo(o)re out of it

The semiconductor industry’s heart is rightly the R&D segment. Of course, this segment is also the Achilles’ heel of the entire industry.

The competitive pressure is increasing: Chinese companies and government organisations are massively supporting the field of research.

The demands are growing: The ever-increasing complexity and miniaturisation in chip design, a high demand for very individual customized products require international know-how networking.

The pace is accelerating: ever shortening product life cycles and, at the same time, ever faster got-to-market requirements and on-time delivery call for innovative concepts.

From the very beginning, we at E+H support you in research and development for semiconductor technology:

  • Measurable dimensions: Our measuring gauges and software are among the most flexible in the industry and at the same time low-maintenance and extremely user-friendly.
  • Made-to-measure technology: We tailor our measurement systems exactly to your individual research needs.
  • People in focus: High technology is made by people. Our R&D team supports you with expertise in all your projects.
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What innovations are made of

According to current projections, around 70% of the gross national product in Western technology nationsis directly related to the development of innovative materials. Key industries such as mechanical engineering, chemicals, microelectronics and the automotive industry need measurable results in materials development to solve urgent future issues. We support you with reliability and know-how “made to measure”.

  • Long-term research partnership with the Fraunhofer Institute
  • Wide range of material expertise, even for extreme conditions (e.g. temperature)
  • More than 3,800 running measuring devices in operation
  • Own in-house development and production according to your requirements
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Waviness & Roughness
Saw marks
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TTV (Total thickness variation)
Warp and Bow
Film Stress
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Sheet Resistance
P/N Dotation
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“The R&D team at E+H Metrology has repeatedly been very supportive in both word and deed!”

 Customer · From: E+H customer & partner survey 2021

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