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Measuring materials technology

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The modulus of elasticity, or Young’s modulus for short, is a decisive factor as a material parameter for planning, design and maintenance in practically all industrial processes.

Adaptable and dynamic materials make it possible to develop products with completely new properties and functions. Our sensor systems, capacitive displacement transducers as displacement transducers, detect deformations in the nanometer range and are ideal for measuring highly dynamic materials.

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Materials change their dimensions depending on the temperature. The coefficient of expansion or thermal expansion coefficient is a relevant parameter that describes the behavior of a material under temperature changes.

The capacitive sensor systems from E+H enable reliable, reproducible measurement of all material-specific characteristic values - including thermal expansion. Our systems measure a wide variety of materials even under extreme environmental influences.

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The field of low-temperature technology (also cryogenics) is becoming more and more important - as material requirements increase and applications outside regular temperature ranges become necessary.

Ultra-low temperatures are those below about -150 °C: These special ranges are already reached today in aerospace technology, but also in medicine and research. In all areas, therefore, materials are needed that can also be used at ultra-low temperatures. Our capacitive displacement sensors are particularly suitable for this purpose, as they have an extremely temperature-stable design. The sensor systems offer nanometer resolution for distance measurements in the cryogenic range. Vacuum or magnetic fields also do not affect the capacitive sensors, resulting in exceptional signal stability and resolution.

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