MW 210-13-2

  • 1 Channel
  • Contacless
  • Linear
  • 5 KHz (option 20 KHz)
  • No zero drift (±10mV/year)
  • High acurracy (±0.1% f.s.)
  • Variable measure range though different sensor types


The MW 210-13-2 is designed for non - contact measurement of the distance between the end face of a pickup and the conductive surface of a target. Pickup and target form a capacitor. The dielectric must be defined, its loss must be negligible. The distance - meter is calibrated in units of length for materials with a relative dielectric constant of er = 1 and it is equipped with an indicating instrument and a digital - scale potentiometer. The indicating instrument makes possible the use of the deflection method for static measurements. For static and dynamic measurements an output terminal for indicating and recording instruments provides a voltage which is proportional to the distance measured. The potentiomter allows a defined zero - suppression of the output voltage.