MX-NT is the main E+H operating software. It supports all major E+H tool types, except smaller tools which can also work without a PC. These smaller tool types can optionally be connected to a PC using EHMaster.

MX-NT is developed since more than 10 years and combines more than 20 years experience in Semiconductor requirements within one product.

A unified easy-to-use interface allows operators to work instantly with any E+H tool. Engineers use sophisticated functions, protected by a password system, to configure the system to the requirements of your process.

Supported E+H tools

  • All MX series (except MX 152, MX 30x series, MX 604, MX 601x)
  • Supports manual and automatic tools (robot or belt)
  • Supported subcomponents
    • Belt transport system
    • Robot (single, dual arm)
    • Prealigner
    • Wafer Mapper
    • Wafer ID Readers (OCR)
    • Carrier ID readers (RFID)
    • Light Tower
    • Load Port, E84
    • I/O Subsystems for additional features where sensors and actors are needed, e.g. push buttons or feedback of minienvironment filter status

Main Features

  • Calculates all major characteristics according to the used metrology modules (e.g. TTV, FPD, Stress, RRV, etc)
  • Customizable screen layout with many different view types of data
  • Highly flexible recipe based jobs where any setting can also be inputed by the user or transmitted by a host
  • Structured storage of measurement data inside MS SQL Server or MS Access data base engines
  • Automation interfaces: SECS/GEM, S³O and IPC